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Premium Fireplace Information:

Usually found in commercial locations such as hotel lobbies, apartment lobbies or amenity spaces, offices or high end custom homes, these aren’t your standard residential fireplace. Premium Fireplaces, sometimes referred to as Custom Fireplaces, require much more skill and time to service. These fireplaces typically have frameless glass windows that must be removed using suction cups and a very delicate handling process. They are often, but not always, bigger than a typical residential fireplace which adds to the complexity and difficulty of servicing them.

In order for us to service your Premium Fireplace, we would like to have a conversation with you via phone or email before offering a price for service. If you know the manufacturer and model, or can provide us with photos of the fireplace, that can certainly help us provide an accurate quote.

Below are some examples of a few brands and models of Premium Fireplaces that we have worked on.

Stellar Galaxy

Ortal Fireplaces

Montigo C-View

Heat ‘N Glo Primo